Thursday, January 21, 2010

and today, a blog is born.

now that i have a blog, i'm at a lost of how to start.


anyways, i suppose it is fitting to launch my blog on my birthday, so today will also be the birth date of my blog site. (i can easily keep track of how long i've been excellent and clever!)

a good friend pointed out, its good to share with friends your life, he then started a blog. haha. i'm such a biter. but, not only so, i realized that this year, Lord willing, my life will have some adventure and excitement besides the daily routines of work and the routine politics that abound at work, and i'd like to share them with those dear to me. so, i present to you ... in Thy courts!

as i tried to figure out a cool name to this blog, my friends asked me what i'd be blogging about. so, i plan on including random thoughts that this weird mind conjures up, things i'm learning, updates about me and random facts about me, all this with the hope that you can be a part of my life.

so, enjoy~


  1. kenny blogging? the world is surely coming to an end...

    in the meantime, i'm excited to see what adventures life brings you this year :)