Tuesday, February 2, 2010


random factoid: i was born in taiwan, raised by my grandparents till i was a striking young lad of 3 years old, moved to ohio, and then to briarcliff manor, ny. my childhood is in briarcliff. when i was 10, my family moved back to taiwan, where i learned chinese from 5th grade to 9th grade. when i was 15, we decided to move back to the u.s., but this time to rancho palos verdes, ca where i graduated high school. i then moved to la jolla, ca for undergrad. when i was 24, i moved to shenzhen, china for work. eventually, the Lord brought me home, rancho palos verdes --

the Lord has blessed me with travels, and it sure is a blessing and an enjoyment. i've been to china, thailand, japan, and a good amount of places in taiwan, europe, and in the united states.

pictures are amazing, but its different when you travel with someone. because of this, i'm actually debating whether or not to travel more now being single, unengaged and wifeless. on the one hand, its cheaper and you have more freedom. but how sweet would it be, to travel with my spouse (or the girl i would marry) and experience it together? but i suppose i'm just impatient, and needed a fix, so...

my latest itinerary:
1 CI007Y 18MAR LAX TPE SS1 1225A 600A+* TH/FR E
2 CI0108Y 19MAR TPE NRT SS1 830A 1225P * FR E
3 CI0131Y 29MAR CTS TPE SS1 335P 640P * MO E
4 CI006Y 04APR TPE LAX SS1 1120P 805P * SU E
(cts - sapporo, hokkaido.)

i was hoping to go for longer period of time, but since i'm still employed, i had better behave.

tokyo is such a cool city, but since i've been there before, my adventurous side urges me to venture out and wander off to new places. only reason why i'm revisiting tokyo is to see my good old japanese friends. its been a while and sure am looking forward to seeing them! hopefully i can take an excursion or two with base camp being in tokyo.

why am i going to sapporo you ask? besides the excellent beer, gorgeous scenary and lucious onsens with red monkeys bathing with you, i'm looking forward to seeing my good friend, mr. t --

he's actually a pretty good looking fella...

much better!

and since i'm in asia, might as well swing through taiwan, visit my dad, grandparents and other family & friends.

sounds so exciting, i'm getting goose bumps!!!

now... i just need to find my backpack and also tell my boss/program to keep me on board after i return. hopefully i wont have a post on that. :P

bon voyage - have a wonderful vacation~~~


  1. is this how you are going to tell your friends that you are going on vacation without them!! very impersonal mr. chang!!!

    and posting your flight info is not very secure... terrorist are a-lurking.

  2. Holla! I can't wait for you to come!