Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dawn of a new chapter - Chapter VII

its official.

its amazing how fast days turn to weeks, which turn to months, that turn to years. in a blink of an eye, i have worked at northrop grumman for 5 years. with both sorrow and joy, my stint at northrop will come to an end this may. the dawn of a new chapter of my life is almost at hand. i'm not leaving for a new paying position, instead i'm choosing to forfeit that.

i'm leaving corporate america for a minimum of a year, with one mission in mind - Lord, do you want me in the international stage? If so, open my eyes and show me what my initial role would be. and also let me dream big, what would my final role be?

as i mentioned before in *****bon voyage - have a wonderful vacation***** i've had the blessing of experiencing multiple cultures. i like the international scene, i am intrigued by the diversity and i marvel at the handiwork of my Lord, whether it be nature, culture or people.

this past year, the Lord answered a prayer of mine:
why christian missions? why not peace corps or any other bona fide ngo that "helps" people by providing services or physical/material/emotional needs?

you may not understand this as i could not before, but christian missions is unmistakably of infinite more importance and vital compared to other "helping" organizations. as a christian, i must never scrutinize, belittle nor forget the value of human souls - they are eternal. they are of so much importance that my Lord gave His life for it. i must always perceive this world with an eternal perspective. of course that doesn't mean, you go around batting the gospel into people's heads. you serve them holistically - emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. we'll see how it goes.

first stop - jh ranch. which is actually not abroad, but something i'd wanted to do for a while now.
second stop - wherever the Lord leads me (as i honestly do not yet know) as i'm applying for international missions.

please pray with me as this year unfolds --
for me -
  • that i may be a dedicated worker advancing strictly the Master's assets, in a manner accurately reflecting His character.
  • may the mission above be achieved.
  • may john 3:30 be a continuous practice.
for others -
  • that they may know Jesus -- gate keeper to life, both a meaningful abundant life and everlasting life.
  • may the Lord use any sin i commit, for good in other's life.
for Him -
  • that His name be worshiped.
stay tuned. its gonna be one exciting chapter!


  1. "batting the gospel into people's heads" - never heard that one before! i'll be keeping you in prayer kenny :)

  2. 才剛剛認識你就要走了... =( 但是希望你旅程愉快 ~