Sunday, June 5, 2011

what are blogs for anyway?!

its amazing how fast time goes by.  i havn't had a solid post for almost 1 year, and its been long overdue.  this blog was to keep friends posted on my life... it definitely hasn't been doing its job!  what good are blogs good for anyway?!  its bout time to get it to work for me.

my past thoughtful update was when i was at the ranch and just reflecting upon the time there.  that was right after i took a leave of absence from northrop grumman, slightly over 1 year ago.  since then, i've had 7 new girlfriends, developed the ability to share amazing hilarious stories and been able to dunk.  its been an amazing year!  haha.  although that didn't happen, i lost 2 grandparents, turned 30, and moved to south america.  its been a very rich year.  amidst the bewilderment, heartache and joy, the Lord is good, is faithful and always sovereign. 

losing both of my dearest grandparents have provided an extremely yet confusing set of emotions.  i'm glad they're gone yet i miss them.  i wish i was by their side when they left, but i wasn't.  i'd like to feel more strongly about them leaving, yet i don't.  what's wrong with me?!  haha.  but, ultimately, God decided that it was time for them to go.  i will see my grandmother in heaven, no doubt.  however, with my grandfather, i struggle with this.  he was baptized, yet, i never saw him intimately walk with the Lord.  not something i dwell too much about, a mystery that will one day be revealed.  but, more importantly, makes me think of my immediate beloved family - my mother, my sister, my father, and my two twin brothers.  i suppose moving myself down to south america doesn't really help things.  man, can you imagine the depth of meaning when Jesus said those that do the Father's will is our brother and sister?  (mat 12:46-50) and that the church is our family.  sorry church sisters, but my sister holds far greater value in my heart than you guys.  :P  how can you not when she looks like this. 

i digress, ultimately, i cherish and love my immediate family so dearly -- even with their dis-functions, oddities and annoyances.  and as a child of a divorce, i got myself two families.  double the dis-functions, oddities and annoyances?  :P  on another note, my twin brothers are adorable!  i love them so much, i don't even know why.  so family ... is important.  gotta learn to cherish them.

yes, he's spitting water at me.  haha. 
i want to continue, but i shouldn't.  being vain and conceited, i enjoy ppl reading my blog and i know if its too long and without pictures, you guys will be bored.  you guys are like me when i was 7 or 8.  i only chose books with lots of pictures and little words.  dr seuss was amazing!  (odd, but amazing).  and his books were really big.  made me feel really good finishing one of them.  so... i'll reflect and ramble a bit more on turning 30 later.

peace outside!  (james lin - this is for you) 

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