Friday, October 28, 2011

nueve meses?!

been a while since i posted a blog of some significance.  i've written 2-3 drafts over the past few months and they just weren't publish worthy.  i've been quite the scatter brain lately as there has been soo much to take in and digest. 

so... instead of something the Lord is teaching me, an update of life in general maybe in the books.  however, beware, this may be more of a rant or a prayer request list then something entertaining.  ;)

espanol - wowsers!  learning a new language is hard.  i speak mandarin, but i grew up speaking it.  it was hard to learn how to read and write in taiwan, but at least i understood the words coming out of ppls mouths!  this is the first time i've really had to put in effort into learning to understand a completely foreign language and ... its hard!  i take 6 hours of class per week.  this works for maybe two weeks, and then my brain overloads.  haha.  smoke would be coming out of my ears as the gears crank.  then i need a break to digest it all.
however, i think there is hope.  amazingly, i'm beginning to understand things!  i can understand and participate in basic conversations now.  my listening has improved the most.  after watching peru lose to chile in futbol, i was surprised that i understood what my friends were complaining about at the dinner table.  my spanish teacher says, it usually takes roughly 2 -3 years to be at a decent level.  well, 6 months down and a lot more to go.  haha.  Dios ayudame! you can pray for me too!

work - the main reason i moved down to peru was because of this job opportunity.  what a challenge it has been.  i started off with an office and two coworkers.  at the end tomorrow, both coworkers will have moved on.  on the bright side, i still got the office!  our previous brochure flat out lied about who we were as a company.  and our previous accountants were horrible with our books, creating soo much more work and expenses than expected.  and then the legal system in peru doesn't help either.  everything was such a mess. 

however, there is hope.  we have new employees.  we have a nice company logo.  we've designed a pretty appealing & honest brochure in ingles y espanol.  we've cleaned up our accounting books and we're ready to hit the streets.  bring on the new clients!  Dios... ayudame tambien!  pray that we can be fruitful as a company with integrity that really brings values to our clients.

ministry - calvary chapel english service lima (ccesl) has been my church of choice since being here.  they have been a tremendous blessing.  its wonderful to be able to trust fellow believers around the world. wherever you go, you can trust them and connect with them because we have the same morals and we trust in the same Lord.

ccesl at hugo & amy's wedding
outside of church, i've been able to see and participate (only briefly) in various ministries (pray for them even support them: wmf and heart of christ).  i'm not sure it has been a blessing, mainly cause every time i go out, my heart breaks.  it breaks over the evilness in this land.  it breaks over areas where the enemy has such a stronghold that you can feel the darkness and can cut it with a knife.  kids in the poorest environments.  teenage girls (like fourteen year olds) prostituting themselves on the streets.  parents abusing their children.  husbands having multiple families.  ah!  its hard to handle.  Dios… you get the picture.  but seriously, pray for the saints, who gave up a "normal" life and obeyed God's calling that directed them here, to be a light in the darkness, that they may be strengthened and not be discouraged.  that they may see fruit and very tangible encouragement. 
how am i serving?  good question.  besides sporadic/compulsive participation at various ministries, which i should consider making a bit more routine, i have decided to help at ccesl's guy's group.  pray that we as guy's may become mighty men of God.  this doesn't mean that we go slay "goliaths", but more importantly that we may have the character, integrity and fortitude to love God and love others the way Jesus would smile in delight.
friends after volleyball at wmf
personal life - being single in a foreign land definitely magnifies the desire of having a significant other.  fortunately, at the ripe age of 30, i've got myself a new girlfriend.  just kidding.  but i have found some precious friends here in dusty lima.  praise the Lord for friends and relationships.  this is one area where i'm learning to find comfort and refreshment.  pray that i can enjoy company more.  often times, as i'm wrapping my head around spanish, work or the sorrows of this land and cultural difference, its hard for me to enjoy the joy of being with friends.  on the other hand, praise the Lord for skype, that i can meet with brothers from home on a regular bases, its such a refreshing time.  

los taiwaneses!  yep i found'em.

generally speaking, i realized that my strength is very very limited.  i now understand why the psalmists constantly talk about how Jehovah is their strength, and that Jesus' yoke is light.  i don't get it.  haha.  i'm easily overwhelmed, wearied and exhausted with all the above, i'm trying to learn and understand the meaning of relying on His strength.  

thanks for reading!  may you pray for me? 


  1. Despite the struggles you have outlined, this post is still an encouragement, seeing how you are relying on the Lord! Voy a orar para ti.

  2. thanks tracey! greatly appreciate it.

  3. I do read your blog, albeit every once in a while..! In God's mercy, he has given us a living hope. You are a light for Him in this dark world and I'm encouraged to read about your perseverance. May your heart continue to be strengthened by our Heavenly Father.