Monday, November 14, 2011

brief note.

three things on my mind:

1. no me gusta fb.  but, i can't shut mine down.  too many ppl use it and its a whole lot easier to stay "connected" with everyone.  imma go old school, snail mail and pager code.  haha.  being a single tasker brain, life was a lot simpler then.
143 13 4011 3617 12360 7415.  4646. 
after 11 yrs of not using it, i'm a bit rusty.  

2. a lot of you guys would say to me nice blog, or send me an im.  if you guys can post a comment, that'd mean a lot.  mainly cause, when the going gets tough, its really encouraging to see your comments and i'm reminded of your love.  pretty pretty please?  :)

3. i have 1 month before i head home to los angeles.  i cannot wait!!!  but before that, Lord willing i'll get 2 more posts up.  stay tuned...  :D

1 comment:

  1. 464646 you're easy! :P

    Yay that you're coming back cos I kinda want to ask you stuff about being there, like, do the unreached statistics seem right? I'm working on my TESOL and thinking about what is strategic, esp with my current languages (some Cantonese, some Spanish). Do you have time to talk when you're here?