Monday, March 1, 2010

Chugging Along

one would think, since i no longer watch movies, i'd have more time to blog. apparently not. here's what i've been up to. and in terms of enjoyability, worthiness of time or productivity, again rated on a scale of 1-10 (higher number, greater smile).

book - lords of discipline -- 9.0
heart wrenching but amazing. i have a love hate relationship going on with the story. towards the end, i kept talking to myself, while streams of tears flow down my cheek... why did that happen?! why did you decide to let that happen?? ahh!!! its amazing how a story captures your emotions. you are no longer reading the book, but you're in it. if you can patiently read through 75% of the book, while it builds up for the last amazing 25%, go for it. definitely worth the read. if you do... you & me, lunch, dinner, coffee or whatever. we're having a heart to heart.
i need to join a book club.

tv - the bachelor, "on wings of love" -- 6.5 (ranked low, cause the title killed it! can it get any cheesier? yet, i still chose to watch it.)
yeah... yeah, rain on the jokes. as a guy, how can you not watch one guy being pursued by 300 women? and not dream to be in his shoes?!

jake totally should've chose this young lady, ali -

but he chose vienna -
ali is totally cooler, so she gets a bigger picture.

wth is wrong with him? omg. he should've never let her go and just chose her. how in the world did he choose vienna? she needs to grow up and learn how to relate with girls!
don't you dare call me a teenage girl!

i enjoyed the show because i got to live vicariously through jake and see how men and women interact. being a single non-dating man, what better way is there to learn? reality tv! this is what i've learned (and yes, i know its a reality tv show, given potential scripting and what not, the following can still hold true!) :
  • talk is cheap - you see how jake was able to make all the families love him? you see how he was able to convince every family that their daughter was going to be chosen? he said all the right things at the right time. talk can be cheap. mean what you say and say what you mean. if you're confused, let your actions speak for yourself.

  • people can be confused - when it was down to 4 girls, i realized jake was going to have a hard time to choose. the remaining girls had very different personalities, 2 out going, and 2 were quiet and reserved. what exactly did jake want? i was pretty sure he'd pick the out going one, made more sense with his who he is at the time. ms. inee disagreed and bet against me. pay attention to the next bachelor, she's gonna be on the show. i think jake will regret it. he needs a good balance, and i don't think vienna's gonna do it for him.

  • girls, beware of nice guys with no backbone - i speak from experience and now have witnessed it through reality tv. nice guys who are too nice, don't want to "hurt feelings." good intentions, unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. if they don't start being honest with you and themself, be careful for that big heart break.

  • stop kissing girls - jake, go wash your mouth. you probably contracted aids from kissing too many girls. i know its practically impossible, unfortunately, it's definitely likely for you since you kissed all 300 girls, every 5 minutes, all season long. as a Christian, purity is huge. if and when i date again, i wanna be like my current dating brothers and sisters - wait for that kiss on the alter. she might suck at kissing, dont worry, you got your entire life to work on it.
amazing what you can learn from a reality tv show huh?

life #1 -
shooting range -- 8.0

i owned that target!

fun and scary. holding one made me pee my pants. i wont tell you what happened when i fired the shot gun. i was very against guns, but changed my mind this past year. they are dangerous, but so are women. :P i would not be against owning one in the future for protection of my family. however, i'm gonna have to work on my aim. the only girl who went with us, worked me, lil phil and john feng. what a n00b, owned by a girl. i did take out the targets groin area, if it the target was a guy, i think i won.

life #2 - sean's wedding -- 10.0

being single has been hard, sean's wedding reminded me that the Lord is in charge and i need to wait patiently on Him. sean is now married, at the age of 37, while knowing the girl for a brief 6 months. never the less, he's married. the wedding was simple and in sean like manner, a bit last minute for my liking. it was still a wedding - the union of a man and a woman in the sight of God. i decided to go and forfeit my friend's bachelor party because this was a testimony to God's goodness in sean's life. congratulations sean. may our Lord bless you abundantly and continue to work in your life.

it also helped that i went with my obc friends, and it was a hoot.

highlights -
  • tim chen (immediately after getting in my car on the way there): kenny, can you believe it, sean is getting married! we have to see it to believe it. <--- i'm on the same boat as you tim.

  • owen (to a random girl at the reception): can i take a picture with you? <--- who is this kid?! he got game. no wonder i'm single and he's dating.

  • every obc kid with utmost sincerity (to sean and entire audience during the reception): sean, congratulations! i cannot believe you're married. i was very surprised to hear the news. <--- who says that during a toast at the reception. haha.
life #3 - beauty -- 10.0
romans 1:20 - for since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

first time seeing a double rainbow. it was amazing and a clear reminder.

life #4 -
daddy mah -- 10.0
no wasted time. the game must've been too much fun. congratulations greg & monica!!!

life #5 - vacation time -- ??.?
stay tuned for beautiful sights, tasty aromatic delights and wonderful stories from tokyo, kanazawa, sapporo, tainan & taipei.


  1. the majority of this post was on the bachelor. if this were xanga, i would leave you 0 eprops. :)

  2. if you read that part, you might see why i watched it! -- 5 eprops!

  3. girls, gun's, and God. good gracious. interesting life you got going there.

  4. what girls? you mean reality tv shows.

  5. why did you stop watching movies again??

  6. since i wasnt able to attend sean's wedding and witness his soul signing, i dont think i can believe that he's married either :)

  7. sharon -- read "Fee Boba".

    Joe! -- :) i saw them kiss, its real.