Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day Two I

akio & rumi were so gracious to allow me to stay with them during my stay in tokyo. say hello!

i cannot begin to describe their graciousness, hospitality and generosity. thank you guys so much! i hope to learn from you as i get the opportunity to host others. this was not only true for akio's family, but also taro's. arigato!

tis saturday, march 20th. ready? it is one long-fun day, so fun, i had to break it into 2 posts. (also cause i'm missing a crucial picture, and its getting late.)

am awaken by an angel ... may i present to you, hikari-jan. the arimoto family's youngest member.

off to the bus tour we go!
first stop - asakusa.

tempura lunch -

kaminarimon gate -

my eyes are open, i swear! enlarge the picture.

sensoji temple wasn't too kind to daishi. bad luck, 3x in a row.

finally... good fortune, for both daishi & akio.

next stop - boat tour.
the blue skies was a blessing, but slightly deceiving. it still got pretty chilly...

yup. thanks to the wind.

stop three - tokyo tower.

yakuza! haha. i'm a wanna be.

we are ultimate risk takers. so scary!

i had such a good time with daishi & akio. thank you guys for everything. i really enjoyed the day and the time spent together. it was fun catching up and sharing this experience together. it reminded me of the time in los angeles. these 2 guys are so brilliant, have so much experience and have taught me so much. these days in tokyo will be a memory i will cherish. i pray that one day in the near future, we can hang out again. maybe in another country? of course, wherever i end up, you are welcome!

daishi, i believe you have moved to china now. i wish you good luck and will be praying for you on your new endeavors. good luck with chinese, and when you take over china, please let me know. thank you!

akio, you work so hard both at work and at home. continue to take care of rumi & hikari. i am sure you will continue to be successful in your career. may your business travels be safe and may your work be satisfying and rewarding. when you take over japan, please let me know. thank you!

the first half of the day was touristy, the second half was filled with a different type of adventure.
stay tuned~

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