Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day One +

tokyo oh tokyo, amazing little tokyo!

ippam - international public policy and management. due to its international flavor, i was blessed with becoming friends with many japanese nationals. this is one of the reasons i decided on visiting japan.

i was to meet them at the hachi statue (see "day one" post - hachiko: a dog's story), located at the shibuya station at 7:30pm, friday march 19th. i had 3.5 hours to kill before i met up with my friends from ippam.

so i wandered...

ramen was in store.

it says most welcome by locals, so i went in.
take my word for it, it was oh-ishi (delicious)!

praise the Lord, i found hachi!
thank God, obstacle overcome.


i thought it'd clear up...

... nope.

and since i am writing this post, that means my friends eventually found me...

...oh how i miss you guys! feels like los angeles again.
i must also thank all of you for that meal. oh-ishi!!! arigato.

other highlights:

this "map" looks like one of the presentations my japanese classmates would mastermind.
i see where they get their inspiration.

currently 90 yen = 1USD, easy calculation would be 100 yen = 1USD.
that's $126 for that one melon on the right. its pink, it must be special.

dinner - "steamed delights". i don't think a single meal in japan tasted bad.
my food taking skills drastically improve. i only post these two pictures, cause the others are all blurry :(

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