Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day One

i arrived at lax at 12am thursday 3/18.
i arrived at shibuya, tokyo at local time, 4pm friday 3/19. that's 12 am friday 3/19, los angeles time.

day one -- 24 hours on the road.

1. movies on the aeroplane -- 7.5
china airlines cut down on so many movies! i was forced to also watch 2 movies that made me cry... hachiko: a dog's story & everybody's fine. so sad. i frikkin hate sad movies. :'(

2. business class -- 8.5
first time for everything! w00t. i was upgraded to business class for no apparent reason (i hope i didn't pay for it...) from taiwan to tokyo. unfortunately, due to the jet lag, i slept half of it away, hence the low rating. haha. oh well.

my attempt of a shot of business class. utter fail. haha. use your imagination. :P

fuji-san. i promise!

3. leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again -- 9.0
the pleasures & blessings of being able to travel. although worried and scared, it is still exciting!

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  1. Business class is the bomb. I was in business class on a flight from LA to India and first class on the flight home. It made me seriously consider only flying business/first class from then on if the flight is over 8 hours. Unfortunately, that's not even an option right now due to limited funds. :P