Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Two II

so as the bus tour came to an end, akio and daishi asked, what else do you want to do in tokyo? it took me a while, but then, i remembered akihabara, home of the original maid cafes. moe~~~

they're only cafes (at least for what i experienced!), just that the waiters are dressed as maids. it was really entertaining. they have special powers that make my food taste better (see video below)! daishi & akio called this the dark-side of tokyo. i thought it was hilarious!
my prized possession (i gave up playing a game w/ her for this picture as evidence. it will be forever cherished.):

she called me her master! yada!!! it was meant to be.
if you're still curious about maid cafes, check it:

after a fun time with the boys, the ladies decided to join us for dinner at ikebukuro for japanese bbq.

the family man.

the bachelors. the man on the right is more eligible than the one on the left. ladies...

beef sashimi. really yummy. (the picture makes it look like ground beef. haha)

after party at club akio! cute babies are welcome.

thank you Jesus for such a fun day. thank you Jesus for such good friends. may you bless them and reveal yourself to them. i pray for daishi, may you be with him and his studies as he learns chinese in china. may you surround him with people that will encourage him and bless him. watch over his safety and his health. thank you again Lord. in Jesus name i pray, amen.


  1. Dude that totally looks like ground beef sashimi, hahaah. Thanks for the new update ;D

  2. i miss you sir! how did the song go on easter sunday?