Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day Three

today is more of a relax day. after a busy bustling saturday, of sights, food and action, i did not mind to take a breather.

unfortunately that made the ladies of the house busier:

magical floating bananas & delicious breakfast.

food presentation is amazing. i wish i had those abilities. hopefully my wife will.

good morning hikari!!!

akio with long hair and bigger eyes! i think hikari has rumi's eyes... until she laughs big and squints her eyes. then its akio's mini-me.

but she is a lady!

i think she's smiling at me...

after the morning, we were to meet yukigi at omotesando. it was good seeing her! (two weddings took place in the church behind this cafe. busy day!) i don't even know how long i havn't seen her. she took us shopping around omotesando, and we had time to catch up. interesting to hear her work at barclays! i wonder if she got a chance to meet daishi or not...

we also got hungry so we found a quick snack - takoyaki!


upon arriving home, rumi was preparing dinner for us. you can see how my trip revolved around food...

amazing huh?

after dinner, i left tokyo on an over-night bus to kanazawa. akio kindly brought me to shinjuku station, and waited with me in the blistering cold. fortunately he did, cause i had no idea what was going on. there were no signs, only people shouting out loud in japanese of your bus number. and then you'd see a mass exodus towards a line of buses. i would not have arrived in kanazawa if it wasn't for akio. farewell tokyo~

dear Jesus, thank you for the time in tokyo with my friends. thank you for such a good time and their graciousness. i pray for akio and his family. i pray that you would be with akio and bless him in all his endeavors. allow him to be a good worker and a loving husband and father. i pray that you may reveal your love for him and that he may come to know you. i pray for rumi. give her the strength and courage she needs to raise little hikari. also give her strength in taking care of akio, during his long and busy work days. lastly, i pray for little hikari. may she grow up to know you and love you. i pray for her health and the beautiful life that she has ahead of her. bless her and be with her.

thank you Jesus for allowing me to be a part of their lives. thank you Jesus for allowing me to visit and see tokyo. in Jesus name i pray, amen.

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