Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Seven - Thursday

i woke up to trevor moving in a new bed!

new mattress!

new frame. luxurious for a missionary! jk.

then we got ready to attend a japanese graduation.

looking fly!

inside the classroom - graduation.
the girls are wearing kimonos. pretty neat.

outside the classroom - gloomy.
all grey... like i mentioned before, this is probably the worst time to visit sapporo.

in the afternoon, omf had a prayer meeting and eventually, potluck.
what a blessed time that was. it was good to pray with fellow believers, to hear these missionaries' prayer requests and ultimately to pray with each other. what an honor! but also, through Christ's blood, we get to enjoy such an awesome and amazing community. this community is world wide, amongst different nations, different cultures, different tongues and different peoples! we can all come together to worship, to pray, to fellowship and to glorify God... together. john 17:23 - "may they (us believers) be brought to complete unity..." it is true that Christians don't always get along, as we have our sins and issues, our egos and pride. but, i love meeting another believer, even more so in an unfamiliar place, because instantly, that person goes from awkward stranger to fellow brother or sister. sweet~~

post potluck, trevor was able to persuade john, a missionary from ireland & a man with a car, to go to an onsen. (maybe i should say, to take us to the onsen.)

post onsen chilling.

2 missionaries giving me the english birdie... i guess they were tired of all the pictures.

and to finish off the day, this is what we walked out to:

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