Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day Eight - FRIDAY!

i heart fridays.

we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, compared to last nights snow storm! well, it was so nice, that tre recommended a delicious bakery in town. so we started our trek via bike ride. he rides soo fast, i keep falling behind.

tre = master biker in the snow.

me = n00b.

regardless, with my slow bike riding skills, we eventually got there safely.

post brunch, we walked around a bit and stumbled upon a local shrine/temple. like a secret garden, except open to the public. not too secretive after all. :P

it was such a gorgeous day that shades were essential.

prayer requests. seems like, people always needs prayer.

on our way home, again, trevor riding a mile ahead of me, i was able to get his attention and we stumble upon this beetle shop.
the owner and his wife were so nice and just chatted with us. actually, only trevor. he even gave us beetle souvenirs and a mixed tape of battle of the beetles!

these are supposed to be cockroaches!
if they were cooked, would you try it? i think i'd give it a shot. :P

hercules beetle!

we got back to tre's and we just hung out. eventually trevor fell asleep and i got really really hungry around 4:30pm. so i stole his bike and decided to get lost and look for some grub! this was after him telling me, we need to be at church at 6 and dinner will be at 6:30. i ate two meals in the span of 2 hours... i nearly died.

that fish... was amazing.

noodles were made at church by ms. yuyu. sorry no picture of her. i think it was the first time ever, that i couldn't finish my ramen...

post dinner was fellowship time. i had
such a good time. we worshiped and read the word and went around sharing what we got out of the passage. it was amazing and so refreshing to hear a familiar worship song, but sung in a completely different language. i wanted to just sit there and listen to them worship my God.
psalm 150:6 - let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

chillin afterwards.

these boys were making such a ruckus... haha. unfortunately i could not upload the video!!! :( what's wrong with blogspot.

the girls are just as silly!

they are such clowns and so much fun. crazy japanese kids, put such a smile on my face. :D

and cause i was still hungry (not!), the boys decided to go grab some mcdonalds.

and again, this is what we came out to...


  1. why your pictures are so small?

  2. Dude, I miss having you here! It was super good :D

  3. can you believe its been over a month since? time goes by so fast.

    john, click on the picture, and its big. :)