Monday, April 12, 2010

Day Five part 2

when the plane flew below the clouds, i looked out the window, and this is what i saw:

me (out loud to myself): oh my GOD!
me (5 sec later, in utter disbelief): why is it soo white...
me: !@#$%!

it was soo good to see trevor beyond the window walls of the luggage pickup area.

there were two purposes to this trip. one, was to see my japanese friends. two, was to see trevor, encourage him and just kick it with him. see how he's doing and to see the work that he is doing. i got more than i bargained for! i was totally looking forward to spending time with my brother. how awesome it is that we in Christ are one family. i love it.

after the airport, we went straight to the hot spring hotel. while taking the bus to the hotel in the mountains, it was snowing pretty hard. mentally, i was not prepared. clothing wise, fortunately this time i was some what prepared...

back in 2005, when i worked in shenzhen, china, jasen and kelvin li visited shanghai in march. i took the opportunity to visit them. i asked coworkers to check the temperature and they told me it was 20+ celsius. so i brought one fleece. on the flight, upon arrival, they announced that the weather was a 20+ celsius as well. i thought, i'm good! i got out of the airport, and hopped onto a cab. once i got in the cab, i thought to myself, this 20+ is pretty chilly, i hope its cause its at night. the cab pulled away from the airport and headed to the city, and then it happens. it starts snowing ... hard!
cab driver: "wow, this is amazing, it never snows in march. hehe." (all excited and giddy.)
me: ...
it was freezing the entire weekend.

back to day five part 2:

our love nest.

ready for our buffet dinner! i could
not wait. stupid me, i ate wayyy too much.

trevor mentioned this and i totally agree...
sleeping on these mattresses over tatami is soo comfortable.

pirates ready to hit the onsen.

the onsen was really nice. they had an outdoor one, but it was not completely open. i'm sure, they didn't want ppl peeking at two strikingly handsome studs with amazing bodies! that'd just be stumbling. chatting and catching up with trevor was sweet. there was a lot to catch up on, tre's been abroad for about one year now (with a brief visit back in august). my goodness how time flies!

while drying ourselves after the onsen, i see that trevor's towel is longer than mine.
me: why is yours so long?!
tre: cause i'm white.
me: ...
(i just traveled thousands of miles to an asian country, and then i get insulted by a white man, cause i'm asian... there is something wrong with this picture!) :P

post onsen, even though i ate wayy to much at dinner, we had a midnight snack.

that piece of yellow on the right corner of the bowl was butter. this was "butter corn ramen". when i ordered, i was a little confused about the name of the ramen, was the corn a special corn that tasted more buttery?! nope, its just corn & butter, the name said it all. yum!

we chatted some more and had some pillow talk and then it was sweet dreams!

it was a good day. Praise the Lord.


  1. STUPID! I waited forever for your first picture to load.. refreshing it 5 times. Then I remembered, Kenny is so stupid!