Friday, April 16, 2010

Day Six - wednesday march 24, 2010

so i guess our pillow talk lasted a little longer than we both expected. we could not wake up the next morning. after getting packed, we hit the buffet breakfast line and then the onsens again before we had to leave. so enjoyable, but unfortunately very rushed. we had to catch our bus back to town!

there were a bunch of onsens in this area.

back in sapporo, trevor took me to this pink parlor that sold amazing caramel products. the caramel ice cream was sooo good! since farming is huge in hokkaido, their dairy products are extremely fresh. besides being in japan, and having everything taste amazing, i'm assuming this also contributes to why their caramel was delightful.

trevor seducing you to eat the caramel treat.
the pink decoration makes it difficult to not fall into his seductive ways.

this place reminded me of maid cafes...

we headed back to trevor's place. nothing much planned for the rest of the day, except for dinner. i met mitsuhashi sensei (trevor's pastor), we cleaned up some and just rested.

mitsuhashi sensei.
he was a missionary to hawaii, so he speaks perfect english and he looks suave.

since i'd be here for the next 5 nights, the burden of sleeping in a different bed disappeared. as a traveler, its nice to know that you're not going to do much bed swapping. you get better rest, and i no longer need to worry about my huge backpack getting in the way, for at least a few days.

its heavier and bigger than this picture makes it out to be. i swear!

dinner time - okonomiyaki!!!

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